19 Jan 2009

Wealth creation...

I've just a read a post on A Day in God's will on not a job but your Eden. See here. I encourage you all to read, there is some thought provoking stuff there.

It's made me think about wealth creation. I really want this blog to be as practical as possible. What are the strategies for wealth creation? I use the word wealth and not money because I believe wealth is more than money. I see wealth as something that is beyond me and mine but includes good health and also being able to be a blessing to my generation. I am reminded of Bill Gates and all the research he and his wife fund all around the world.

Question is what can I do to create wealth in 2009? I am working on my vision for 2009 in the area of my finances. I think that is a step in the right direction even though it's not enough. What about you? What are you going to do to make 2009 a different year for you in the area of your finances?


Fanny said...

This thought is really necessary to today... The bible says God gives us the power to make wealth.

I pray to allign to God's will this year so he can give me and mine wealth, which includes peace, health, happiness, prosperity, righteousness, etc.


Ebony said...

With the economy the way it is.....I realized that furthering my education may be the wisest way to creating the wealth you are talking about (in the least amount of time).

I will be getting another Master's degree, this time an MBA.

Cash Matrix said...

Thanks for the post. I really liked what you have said here. There are many ways one can earn money online but one has to choose the really good ones that actually send you your pay outs. It then that actual wealth creation takes place.

Lady A said...

Just like McDonald's...I'm lovin it! Keep it up. I'll be back soon.

OluwaDee said...

Wealth creation is really important.
I'm taking steps to be financially independent.

I'm good o. How r u?

Believer said...

@fanny:Thanks for your comment. Amen, I pray that this will be our best financial year yet

@ebony: Good, good, good, every year we should be getting better

@cash matrix: Thanks for your comment

@Ladya: I've missed you, are you back now

@Oluwadee: I can see that and I'm proud. When one makes money from what they enjoy doing, I think it's the best. Mo wa o, I might be coming down to your end soon, will keep you posted

Lady A said...

Well, faithful over few, ruler over many. Whether its wealth, businesses, etc...Just as long as we stay allign to His will and ways for us then we will be just fine.
@Ebony, education is not always the way to get wealth. So many celebs dropped out of high school, but now are making millions. You get wealth buy using the gifts and talents that you have. However I do applaud you for your heart's compassion in your studies.

Writefreak said...

I've been thinking a lot about that in recent times, and i am trying to expand my horizon...it will take a lot but i am learning..
business, turning my writing into money making, maybe a steady job with fewer hours...etc