12 Sep 2008

starting small; FINISHING RICH!

As you can see, I'm still meditating on those verses I talked about on Zoe. See here This is just an encouragement on this journey that we are taking that it doesn't matter where we are now, whether in debt or just barely surviving we can make it to the top because our God is a God of increase. By applying practical and biblical principles, we can achieve our financial goals.

We are starting small but by His grace we will finish rich!

Questions to think about. There are no right or wrong answers but I would really like feedback on this, please leave a comment (as an anon if you prefer!). I'll put an answer on there as well. Please make it as personal as you can, no textbook, google or wikipedia answers!Lol!


Money is..........

Freedom is........

I want/don't want to be rich

I want/don't want to be rich because......

I usually set financial goals for myself Yes/No

Remain blessed and highly favoured. 2008 remains our year of uncommon testimonies in Jesus name because we have been EMPOWERED TO PROSPER!


Rita said...

Money is a blessing from God to bless other...

Freedom is the state of having surrendered everything to God

I want to be rich

I want to be rich because my Father (God) is rich and I am reflecting Him on earth

I usually set financial goals for myself: No

simeoneomobaba said...

Money is a legal tender for exchange of goods and services

Freedom is the priviledge to do what you want with yourself and the resourses at your disposal

I want to be rich(wealthy)

I want to be rich because it has to do with my purpose on earth..

(sori a.a, it looks like this is for ladies only..just had to be part of the quiz)..smiles

I usually set financial goals for myself Yes/No

Believer said...

@rita: Thanks for your response, i learnt a lot from those small sentences escpecially your definition of freedom..

@simeoneomobaba: Hey bro! You are very much welcome here anyday or anytime, your contribution will be appreciated, did you mean yes and no?

Believer said...

My answers

Money is..... amoral, it's neither good nor bad, like water it takes up the characteristics of the one whom has it. It could be like a mirror, reflecting the heart of man/woman! You don't know how tight you could be with it until you have it! Money is not the secret to happiness but I'll rather be unhappy with money than without it (Lol!) that last statement is not exactly original!

Freedom is freedom! For me it's the ability to choose what's best for me because God says so not because my bills say so or my boss says so. I can wake up at 2am or noon! It's a more responsible life because I can truly say God is in TOTAL control!

I want to be rich

I want to be rich because there is so much work to be done. How do you preach the gospel to a hungry man? How do you give a bible to someone who cannot read? I have so many of these how do you questions on my mind these days...

I usually set financial goals for myself? I would say no because although sometimes I write down some goals, I do not actively pursue achieving them!

Jaycee said...

Money is...a necessary resource to provide for basic needs and want, and to make wealth.

Freedom is...the liberty to do, say, or express any thing in any manner...

I [want] want to be rich.

I [want] want to be rich because...I will be a lender and not a borrower.

I usually set financial goals for myself [Yes]

Time to blogroll this blog...:)

simeoneomobaba said...

i meant to answer [yes] ..and i support money is amoral..

Believer said...

@jaycee: Thanks for your answers, wow I am learning so much!

@simeoneomobaba: That's great, i guess i better start with mine

ebony said...

Money is a means to pay for what my heart desires that has got $$$ next to it.

Freedom is the ability to be who I want to be, when I want to be, where I want to be, how I want to be at any time.

I AM rich!

I AM rich because my wealth has been perfected in the spiritual realm and all I'm waiting for is to see it materialize in the physical realm.

I usually set financial goals for myself...Yes

disgodkidd said...

Money is what i took for granted when daddy was alive...money is what i never thought twice about b4 spending...money is what i never noticed was important in making me happy or cranky...money is what i now know makes me sulk when its absent...money is something i never want to lack because it makes me feel restricted.

Freedom is liberty...freedom is responsibility.

i so want to be rich

i want to be rich because i av tried broke and it sucks...i want to be rich because i was not created to lack...the garden of eden proves it

i never set financial goals... i regret that now...am trying to start, but it seems to be taking forever...

Truth said...

Money is a messanger,to do what we send it out to do.
Freedom is not beign under any form of bondage.
I want to be rich because it gives you freedom to chose to do all you have been purposed to do on earth.
I want to be rich.
I set financial goals that are realistic

Believer said...

@ebony: Thanks for your comment, we ARE rich

@disgodkidd: Thanks for your personal and heartfelt comment, these are our days of small things but by His grace we will increase. As for financial goals, I think we need to set one at a time e.g. I have made a goal to set aside a particular amount aside every month not for a rainy day but for investing

@truth: Realistic goals for finances, true talk

@all: God bless you for taking the time to answer these questions honestly. Remain blessed