16 Jun 2009

Financial goals 2009

Hi everyone,

This blog has really been neglected. I'm updating with my financial goals for this year, no use talking about things I'm not doing, I really need to get focused. Something else I realised about plans is that they direct your actions, it's funny how my thinking about money has changed these days. I'm finding it easier to channel my limited resources into different areas so that my money is working for me and it's thanks to the plans that I have.

£5 can be £5 in your wallet, £5 in an ISA tax-free interest account, £5 towards paying off debt, £5 towards my shoes, £5 for investment in shares or something else. Make your money count, make your money work for you.

Increase my financial knowledge

Read at least 8 financial books this year covering investment in shares/real estate and starting your own business

Write a post on this blog about what I learnt from these books and at least 1 or 2 things I will either start, stop or continue doing as a result of what I have read

Attend at least 2 financial seminars on real estate investment in the UK

Prepare my financial statement including income statement and balance sheet

Start a new stream

Research and pray about different options available to me

Divert at least £60 a month from ISA into RW

Get out of 'bad' debt

Determine how much I am owing and consolidate into one account

Divert 'excess' into AB and give card to Y.A

Pay at least £100 each month towards offsetting the amount

Make the most of my ISA

Set up direct debit for £x per month from salary account to ISA

Divert at least half of this amount into investments

Open KK account

Open KK account in 2 geographical locations

Research on options


Pay my tithe (10%) and offering faitfully from every paycheck and profit

Continue to support D.A through World Vision

Support another ministry outside KICC at least twice this year

Well, this is a very skeletal plan, I aim to refine it as I go along, rephrasing and also adding the time at which the goals should be accomplished by. I've already done some of the things on the list but I know I definitely still have a lot more to do. So what's stopping you? Get to writing. You haven't defined your dream, vision or goal until you've WRITTEN IT DOWN. Next step, 5 year financial vision!

Stay focused!


StandTall-The Activist said...

Getting out of debt is really important. How have you being?

Believer said...

@Stand-Tall: true talk, it's like a hole that if one is not careful keeps getting bigger and bigger. I've been well, follow your blog silently..thanks for your comment

StandTall-The Activist said...

you are welcome my lady